just breathe

It has been a really intense semester.  

I say this every semester.  The statement has almost lost its meaning and impact.  I need to come to terms with the idea that chaos is the natural order of things, and my role is to find stability… stillness… in the chaos.


This is my favorite line from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.  It loosely translates to finding stability/strength/motionless, with ease, in whatever seat you are in.  It is the answer, and the source of my question, How do I find stability and stillness in the chaos?

IMG_4776Today, I am finding that stability by working outside- and by focusing on only the breath that I inhale, and the one that I exhale.  Interrupted by the thoughts of budget, staffing, laundry piling up, groceries not done, dinner not made, conference presentation not done, and, and, and, and… I am trying to pause.  Interrupt those thoughts- honor those thoughts- but still focusing on the breath- coming in… going out.  This is such a difficult practice for me, and yet I find such clarity in the stillness.  Each moment I try to come to acceptance that the only constant is chaos- it is not special- it is normal.

What would my relationship and service to the world feel like if I treated chaos like a normal event, rather than an event that disrupts my normal.  What if I gave chaos the love and respect it deserved?

Wishing all of you stillness in your seats…  one breath at a time.


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