career advice from my 6 year old

My daughter is amazing.  No seriously.  She is AMAZING.  Amazing story from today below…

We were walking to the car from a campus event this evening.  As we were talking, I shared with her that we would be having dinner with our college’s former president tomorrow, and that I needed her to be professional at this dinner.  She was very excited- she loves our former president.  In fact, she was upset that he hadn’t consulted her before stepping down.

We have an acting president currently, and she was trying to understand the concept of what it meant to be ‘acting’… I was able to explain to her that it was kind of like a ‘substitute’ teacher in school.  That made sense to her.

I was not prepared for the conversation that came next…

“Mamma, well why didn’t you become the president?”

“Well, I wasn’t ready for that job.”

“But aren’t you a vice president now?”

“Yes- I am.”

“So, isn’t the next step after vice president… president?”

“It could be.”

“Well you can’t just be a vice president forever.”

“True- but there are things in life that are more important to me than being a president.”

“Like what?”

“Like you.  If I became president, then I would not get to spend the time I want to spend with you.  That would make me very sad.”

“Because I am so special?”

“Yes because you are so special.”

(wrinkling her forehead, and sighing)  “Well, at some point you just need to think about it.  You have to move on.  We can work it out.  But you can’t be a vice president forever.”

So there you have it folks.  Sometimes you have to move on.  Career advice, courtesy of my 6 year old daughter.  Do you know when it is time to move on?  Do you know who you want to be?  Is the path you are currently on getting you to the wholeness of your spirit?  Do you surround yourself with people who will have these conversations with you?  Do you recognize the wisdom that might come in the forms/voices you least expect?

I am glad to know I have her permission when that time comes.


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